The Industry 4.0 Observatory and Management Solutions organized a conference entitled "Alternative fuels to natural gas" in which experts in the field discussed the sector and alternative solutions to using natural gas, with special emphasis on hydrogen

The Industry 4.0 Observatory organized a meeting of experts from the natural gas and hydrogen sector at the Torre Picasso auditorium. The meeting, hosted by Management Solutions, brought together industry experts from firms such as NRG, ACCIONA PLUG and Toyota, who shared their macroeconomic and strategic vision of the natural gas sector, success stories and challenges of hydrogen as a new energy vector and solutions for mobility. Mr. Javier Álvarez, partner at Management Solutions, introduced the event together with Ms. Inmaculada Blázquez, representative of the Observatory.

The Industry 4.0 Observatory, of which Management Solutions is a member of its Board of Trustees, is a forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences, made up of professionals from different industry sectors, which aims to provide a permanent framework for debate, training, information dissemination, research and opinion on Industry 4.0.

Combustibles alternativos al gas natural