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Relevant publications

Credit risk and ECL

(26/07/2016) EBA – Consultation Paper on draft Guidelines on credit institution´s credit risk management practices and accounting for expected credit losses
The EBA has published a consultation paper on draft Guidelines on credit institution´s credit risk management practices and accounting for ECL with the aim of harmonizing the criteria established by the BCBS and ensuring consistent interpretations and practices according to IFRS 9.

Other publications of interest

Misconduct risk

(01/09/2016) FSB – Measures to reduce misconduct risk: Second Progress Report
The report provides an update on progress made and future actions to take forward the FSB’s misconduct workplan. In particular, the report covers the following issues: i) examining whether reforms to incentives are having sufficient effect on reducing misconduct; ii) improving global standards of conduct in the fixed income, commodities and currency markets; and (iii) reforming major benchmarks.

Financial regulatory reforms

(31/08/2016) FSB – Report to G20 Leaders on financial regulatory reforms
The FSB published a report describing progress by FSB jurisdictions in implementing regulatory reforms to fix the fault lines that led to the global financial crisis and build a safer, more resilient financial system. It concludes that implementation progress remains steady but uneven, and that the effects of the reforms implemented to date have been generally positive.

Implementation of BIS III

(29/08/2016) BCBS – Implementation of Basel standards: a report to G20 Leaders on implementation of the Basel III regulatory reforms
The BCBS published a report summarizing the steps taken by the BCBS’ member jurisdictions to adopt the Basel III standards, bank´s progress in bolstering their capital and liquidity positions, the consistency of implementation in jurisdictions assessed since the Committee’s last report and the Committee’s implementation work plan.


(18/08/2016) FSB – Guiding Principles on the Temporary Funding Needed to Support the Orderly Resolution of a Global Systemically Important Bank (G-SIB) / Guidance on Arrangements to Support Operational Continuity in Resolution
The FSB published two final guidance papers to assist the resolution planning work of authorities and firms, as part of the policy agenda to end “too-big-to-fail”. The guiding principles seek to address the risk of banks having insufficient liquidity to maintain critical operations during a resolution, whereas the second document sets out arrangements to support the continuity of critical shared services.

Pillar 3

(12/08/2016) BCBS – Frequently asked questions on the revised Pillar 3 disclosure requirements
The BCBS issued frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the Basel framework's Pillar 3 disclosure requirements, in order to promote consistent global implementation of the requirements.

Corporate governance

(08/08/2016) FSB – Thematic peer review on corporate governance
The FSB launched a peer review on the implementation of the G20/OECD Principles of Corporate Governance. The overarching objective of the review is to take stock of how FSB member jurisdictions have applied the Principles to publicly listed, regulated financial institutions, identifying effective practices and areas where good progress has been made while noting gaps and areas of weakness.

Indicators from large institutions

(05/08/2016) EBA – Indicators from 36 large institutions
The EBA published indicators from 36 large institutions in the EU, as provided for in the ITS and the Guidelines on disclosure rules applicable to institutions whose leverage ratio exposure measure exceeds 200 billion Euro.

Benchmarking of internal approaches

(04/08/2016) EBA – EBA amends technical standards on benchmarking of internal approaches
The EBA published an amended version of its Implementing Technical Standards (ITS) on benchmarking of internal approaches. The amended ITS will assist competent authorities in their 2017 assessment of internal approaches both for credit risk, and for market risk.

Leverage ratio

(03/08/2016) EBA – EBA report on the Leverage Ratio requirement
The EBA published its report on the impact assessment and calibration of the Leverage Ratio (LR), recommending the introduction of a LR minimum requirement in the EU to mitigate the risk of excessive leverage.

Accounting standards for banking foundations

(01/08/2016) BdE – Proyecto de Circular del Banco de España por la que se desarrollan las especificidades contables que han de aplicar las fundaciones bancarias
The Bank of Spain published a Proyecto de Circular setting out accounting standards that shall be applied by banking foundations. The Proyecto de Circular is intended to provide financial information standards and templates to be applied by these institutions.



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