We support the processes of transformation and innovation in the search for the sector efficiency and sustainability

The tourism industry has become a key sector in the growth of developed countries. Although it has been one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, the year 2022 is consolidating as the year of tourism recovery and, although the forecasts are positive, new factors are emerging that threaten this recovery, such as the war in Ukraine and high inflation.

In any case, this is a sector that stands out for its high competitiveness, in which destinations and operators compete to be the most attractive to customers in a changing environment marked by new competitors, changing customer needs or the emergence of new business models in the market (such as tourist rental housing).

To respond to this environment, and once the pandemic has been overcome, the sector must be able to put the customer at the center of its strategic thinking with the aim of providing a more personalized offer and increasing its efficiency ratios in all areas (operational, management, etc.), leveraging digitalization, sustainability, talent retention and the use of new technologies.

Our practice

At Management Solutions, we help the leaders of the tourism sector to face the new challenges they face derived mainly from digital transformation, providing specific solutions that add value to them. We accompany organizations in their agile transformation; we participate in the use of data to transform it into business decisions through modeling and advance analytics; and we help them to carry out an adequate management of the risks that could threaten the achievement of the objectives (diagnosis of the risk function, risk map and insurance, climate risk, etc.).

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