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iDanae Chair

iDanae Chair (intelligence, data, analysis and strategy) created within the framework of a collaboration between UPM and Management Solutions

The iDanae Chair for Big Data and Analytics (where iDanae stands for intelligence, data, analysis and strategy), created within the framework of a collaboration between Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) and Management Solutions, aims to promote the generation of knowledge, the dissemination and transfer of technology, and the furthering of R&D in the Data Analysis field.

The Chair aims to focus on developing four components that are part of the process of delivering on two key areas in today’s world: information and knowledge:

  • Intelligence, through the creation of algorithms that provide solutions to current challenges.
  • Data, as a source of information that leads to knowledge.
  • Analysis, through robust techniques and advanced models and incorporating machine learning techniques.
  • Strategy, designed from the analysis of trends in Knowledge Technology, to create a long-term development plan for the future.

News and publications about the Chair

Whitepapers iDanae Chair quarterly newsletter: Ethics and Artificial Intelligence
Available in: english - español.  Publicacion date: 01/07/2020
Whitepapers Publication of the first iDanae Chair quarterly newsletter
Available in: english - español.  Publicacion date: 10/01/2019
Whitepapers iDanae Chair's formal sign event
Publicacion date: 5/7/2019
Whitepapers Creation of the Management Solutions Analytics and Big Data Chair at the Polytechnic University of Madrid
Publicacion date: 4/12/2019

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