Management Solutions taught a seminar as part of the iDanae Chair activities, aimed at sharing knowledge about Artificial Intelligence techniques with students of different postgraduate studies at the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineers of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM)

The seminar was part of a number of training activities planned within the framework of Management Solutions' collaboration with UPM in connection with the iDanae Chair, and was aimed at students of the Master's Degree in Data Science, the Master's Degree in Software and Systems, the European Master's Degree in Software Engineering, and the Doctorate in Software, Systems and Computing, all of them postgraduate courses offered by UPM. Over 20 students, more than half from foreign universities, attended the seminar.

Management Solutions' presentation was entitled "Data Analytics in Finance: a use case of the Graph theory", and dealt with the use of graph theory in the construction of spectral grouping algorithms and in the development of predictive models.

Management Solutions teaches a seminar on artificial intelligence at UPM