Risk management & control

We provide the best solutions to effectively manage risk and facilitate an integrated risk approach

Undoubtedly, the term “risk” defines almost all business decision-making: credit, market, structural, operational, reputational, socio-environmental, strategic, business risks, etc. i.e. risks relating to good management of a business organization’s operations.

The current competitive environment exposes all companies, to a greater or lesser extent, to all the above risks, and requires them to comply with certain formal and regulatory requirements applicable to each organization, depending on the industry and markets in which it operates and its equity structure.

Regardless of these “mandatory” considerations, proper active management of the risks inherent in any business is undoubtedly one of the greatest (if not the main) challenges of the Senior Management.

Our practice

Based on our thorough knowledge of business, control and management requirements, and current regulations, Management Solutions provides the optimum market solutions to efficiently manage your organization’s risks.

Our service offering

  • Integral risk management, RAROC and pricing.
  • Market risks.
  • Credit risks.
  • Structural risks (interest rate, currency and liquidity).
  • Operational risks.
  • Model risk.
  • Compliance and conduct risks.
  • Reputational risk.
  • Socio-environmental risks.
  • Strategic and business risks.
  • Economic and regulatory capital.
  • Provisions.
  • Organization and governance of the risk function.
  • Capital planning and stress test.

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