What we do

We create value propositions for our clients and commit to their effective implementation

Management Solutions is an international consulting Firm whose core mission is to deliver business, risk, financial, organization, technology and process-related advisory services.

We help our clients to effectively meet and deal with their current business management challenges, based on our in-depth knowledge of the business and industries in which they operate.

What does “effectively meet” mean?

  • It means strategically redefining business goals...
  • …finding an adequate functional definition of the requirements...
  • …efficiently implementing the organizational, operating and technological modifications that ensure success in the project...
  • ... in short: we turn “ideas” into lasting “tangible realities”.

Creating value propositions for our clients and committing to their effective implementation requires a strong culture of commitment and excellence, and is the hallmark of our services.

As a leading business consulting firm in regulated industries, we develop solutions that solve our clients' problems effectively. Our unwavering commitment to excellence means that quality is one of the basic pillars of all our professional actions, and we take steps to ensure we continuously improve our services.

Thus we have a Quality Management System which is ultimately aimed at improving the provision of our services, counting with the ISO 9001, among other external certifications, by AENOR for the activity of "Consulting and advisory services in business, commercial intelligence, finance, risk, organization and processes, and implementation and optimization of related technologies”. In addition, we have an Information Security Management System, embodied in our Security Policy and its associated regulatory framework, which is ISO 27001 certified by AENOR.

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