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Publications and events

We share the expert knowledge generated by the Firm with the wider industry and community

Management Solutions has an ongoing schedule of external outreach activities which includes the publication of macroeconomic analysis, industry reports and other studies.

Also, our Corporate Social Responsibility report provides a transparent and detailed account of how our activity impacts on our various stakeholders.


  Memoria RSC whitepapers Coyuntura  
The Firm publishes an annual Corporate Responsibility Report
Specialist studies based on our experience and knowledge of the industries we service
Reports that provides insight into the key macroeconomic indicators
  iDanae   Apuntes normativos   Eventos  
iDanae Chair (intelligence, data, analysis and strategy) for Big Data and Analytics
Technical notes, regulatory developments and information on regulations affecting the Firm’s areas of activity
The Firm has an ongoing schedule of industry events, solidarity campaigns, university activities, etc.