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Transformation: organization & processes

We achieve significant improvements in operational efficiency

Every organization constantly reviews, redefines and reinvents their way to make business.

Organizational structure optimization, process streamlining and a continuous focus on the end customer are some of the most important trends in current management.

Adopting a cross-cutting approach to managing how our products and services are developed and sold, understanding business as a sum of processes with an end-to-end focus, is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. Today, we must be able to add a huge amount of flexibility, delocalization and speed of adaptation to compete in the current market context.

Having a clear vision of what is required is the first big step. However it is also necessary to gauge the entire organization’s ability to assimilate the proposed changes.

Accordingly, success lies in finding the best way to make changes and bringing the goals pursued into line with the right implementation plan that ensures the optimal “integration” of these goals at all levels of the company.

Our practice

At Management Solutions, we make available to our clients the best organizational and process reengineering practices in the market. Organizing, resizing, defining functions and articulating a proper governance structure, is one of Management Solutions’ core competencies.

Our approach aims to achieve significant improvements in the effectiveness of activities, a substantial increase in user and customer satisfaction, and an appropriate reduction in costs.

Additionally, we ensure the availability of management metrics that guarantee efficient control of the processes implemented, together with an implementation schedule carefully tailored to our clients’ current circumstances.

Our service offering

  • Optimization of organizational structures and models.
  • Testing of processes and identification and prioritizing of action lines.
  • Implementation of process and service optimization solutions.
  • Application of techniques such as co-creation, focus group and mystery shopping.
  • Comprehensive programs to improve processes and organizational efficiency.
  • Improved profitability through tactical programs to improve results.
  • Zero-Base-Budget cost optimization mechanisms.
  • Cost management and allocation systems (ABC/ABM).