Transformation: organization & processes

We transform companies, achieving significant improvements in efficiency, quality and control

Every organization constantly reviews, redefines and reinvents their way to make business.

Some of the most important challenges for organizations are to optimize the organizational structure and transform it towards agile models, implement new mindsets / collaborative and innovation culture, simplify and digitize end-to-end processes to make them lean, reformulate governance models, transform data into valuable information (process analytics), and doing all of this with a continuous orientation towards improving the end customer experience.

Adopting a cross-cutting approach to managing how our products and services are developed and sold, understanding business as a sum of processes with an end-to-end focus, is a necessary but not a sufficient condition. Today, we must be able to add a huge amount of flexibility, delocalization and speed of adaptation to compete in the current market context.

Having a clear vision of what is required is the first big step. However it is also necessary to gauge the entire organization’s ability to assimilate the proposed changes.

Accordingly, success lies in finding the best way to make changes and bringing the goals pursued into line with the right implementation plan that ensures the optimal “integration” of these goals at all levels of the company.

Our practice

At Management Solutions, we make available to our clients the best market practices in terms of transformation with a holistic vision (organization, processes, government and culture), seeking impacts on efficiency, quality/customer experience, productivity and control of the operation, constituting itself as one of the core competences of Management Solutions.

Our service offering

  • Transformation of organizational and productive models establishing efficiency plans with a 360º vision.
  • Evolution towards Agile ecosystems (organizational structures; operating models; ceremonies...).
  • Transformation and digitization of end-to-end processes (BPM’s, RPA’s, OCR’s, IA, etc.).
  • Optimization of organizational structures and models (sizing tools and methodology, etc.).
  • Corporatization and/or centralization of functions (for example, creation of Hubs / Shared Service Centers).
  • Company/function integration programs.
  • Optimization of complaints and claims management models.
  • Transformation of operations/back offices (Operations Master Plans, Big Data Analytics applied to back offices, outsourcing models and BPOs governance, Continuity Plans, etc.).
  • Constitution and deployment of Joint Ventures applying agile mechanisms.
  • Application of design-thinking, co-creation, focus group, mystery shopping, etc. techniques.
  • Cost optimization mechanisms based on a Zero Base Budget.

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