Sales and marketing management

We design and implement solutions that will produce more engaged, satisfied and digital clients

In the current competitive market environment, commercial challenges involve boosting performance by duly customizing the value proposition to the client, together with a substantial improvement in productivity in the distribution model.

Current value propositions delivered to market players require a detailed level of specialization in the definition of the segment-product-channel trinomial. An adequate control of these variables and solid operating methodologies allowing for constant fine tuning of current definitions are the main challenges at present in the commercial area.

Combining “personalization” and efficiency requires developing the ability to convey to the market the perception of a “customized offer” built on an efficient process that enables the expected profitability of our inevitably “limited” resources to be maintained.

Success is achieved when the organizational, operational, and technological areas of the company are truly customer-focused, thereby allowing our commercial policies to be operated efficiently.

Our practice

At Management Solutions we specialize in optimizing companies’ organic growth due to our programs to encourage customer loyalty and retention, make price/return adjustments and revive commercial activity.

Our approach to commercial activity is based on an in-depth analysis of our clients’ needs, supplemented by the identification of the appropriate value chain to enable us to efficiently meet these needs.

Our service offering

  • Evolution of business models, customer segmentation and relationship models
  • Design and continuous improvement of the customer experience (brand, value proposition, pricing and omnichannel)
  • 360 customer vision and Marketing Science - customer analytics
  • Commercial tools focused on marketing automation and improvement of operational CRM
  • Digital transformation of customer journeys
  • Evolution of face-to-face channels optimizing footprint, productivity and processes
  • Digitization of the distribution model by developing the web, mobile channel and remote management
  • Commercial and operational efficiency of business models

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