We provide services to all types of companies – electricity, gas, petrochemical, etc., both global and local

Progressive deregulation in the industry has revealed that there is little perceived product/brand differentiation in traditional utilities (water, electricity, gas, etc.). Customers are accustomed to contracting utilities from government-designated suppliers and do not associate quality with the supplying brand, as is almost always the case in other industries. This has coincided with the emergence and increasingly widespread use of new technologies, digital transformation, the value of data and the new, more agile ways of working, as well as with a changing environment due to new regulations, a modified global energy map and a complex geopolitical situation that affects energy prices and consumption.

These circumstances pose many management challenges related not only to the effort of “defending” the current positioning and to diversification, but also with measuring, supporting and effectively managing business (optimization of energy trading and financial resources, development of renewable generation and storage, etc.) while properly monitoring and controlling the various risks (including those arising from climate change or supply chain disruptions) and opportunities associated with these activities, as well as to ensure best practices in the fulfillment of business obligations, all aligned with international sustainability standards. 

Additionally, corporations are facing the challenge of digital transformation (intelligent use of data as a lever for generating value, sensorization, advanced Analytics, etc.) which, together with the global macroeconomic situation and society’s growing sensitivity towards climate change, requires focusing on improving efficiency, reputation management and the ability to create sustainable value for customers and shareholders. 

Our practice

At Management Solutions, we help to maximize each company’s value and join the company in its diversification challenges by optimizing its potential and taking account of the structural impacts on its organization.

In order to achieve success, we help clients redesign the value chain in terms of operational excellence and technological innovation, as well as appropriate management of the cost structure and risks.

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