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Social Action


The Social Action group, created by the initiative of Management Solutions professionals and with the total support of the Firm, aims to provide a response to social needs through charity activities.

The participation of Management Solutions in these solidarity activities is carried out by adopting a dual approach:

  • By promoting the participation of Management Solutions professionals in these activities, so that they directly collaborate with their commitment in the final goal of the campaigns.
  • By sponsoring these campaigns and volunteering activities, thereby involving the Firm’s support to their charity goal.  

Social Action News

Mexico Social Action Group organized for the first time a blood donation campaign in partnership with Blooders A.C.

Management Solutions Brazil’s Social Action group organized an Easter community support campaign at the Saica 2 Children’s Home, an institution that takes care of children without resources and in extreme social risk situations

For the second year running, Management Solutions sponsored the Madrid Mini-Marathon, a sports event aimed at children and young people aged between 10 and 17 that is organized by the Créate Foundation to promote individual and team sports

Management Solutions professionals participated, for the thirteenth year running, in a blood donation campaign organized by its Social Action group in partnership with the Spanish Red Cross

Once again a group of professionals from Management Solutions took part in the educational program "From code to project" developed by Créate Foundation to foster an entrepreneurial attitude among students