Proprietary solutions

We develop and implement proprietary solutions based on our in-depth knowledge of the needs of the industries in which we operate

The current sophistication of business risks and the growing need to manage these risks call for the development of solutions capable of providing an efficient response to the different dimensions of the problem. To this must be added the ever increasing and more exhaustive regulatory requirements, which speed up both the adaptation of IT infrastructures and architectures and the improvement of risk identification and measurement methods as well risk reporting methods.

Our solutions

In this context, Management Solutions has developed proprietary solutions that it has implemented in many public and private organizations, solutions that it also maintains and evolves continuously to adapt them to the latest regulatory requirements in the shortest possible time. These solutions offer a comprehensive approach to key risk management issues, rigorously covering regulatory requirements and at the same time supporting the management of these requirements. Our solutions include SIRO (comprehensive operational risk system),GAMMA (model governance system), Modelcraft (component-based model building system -including Machine Learning algorithms), MS2 - Management Sustainability Solutions (climate risk measurement system), MIR (capital calculation and risk reporting system), Hatari (reputational risk management system) and Paladín (money laundering prevention system).

Management Sustainability Solutions

Management Sustainability Solutions

Climate risk measurement system

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