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Management Solutions is committed to supporting the dissemination of the knowledge generated in the organization. The Firm maintains an ongoing schedule of activities aimed at sharing this knowledge, particularly noteworthy of which are our publications and our presence in specialist forums, in addition to the organization of specific workshops on subjects of particular relevance and interest in all the industries in which we operate.

  • Publication of studies and industry reports (further information in the following sections White papers and Macroeconomic Outlook Report.
  • Organization and participation in specialized workshops and seminars: Management Solutions participates both as an organizer and as a speaker in the main specialized forums and industry events.


Industry News

Listado noticias

Management Solutions organized, in collaboration with ACREFI (Associação Nacional das Instituições de Credito, Financiamento e Investimento), a workshop entitled “Regulatory Challenges: IFRS 9 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” that was attended by representatives from the regulator and the local and international financial institutions present in Brazil

The forum, the second event related to the Chief Data Officer role organized by the Firm in New York this fiscal year, was entitled ”Governing Big Data: Challenges and Key Factors to Success”, and was attended by a number of professionals from top financial institutions

Management Solutions participated as a speaker at a two-day training conference on Model Risk Management (MRM) organized in London by and attended by representatives from the main local and international financial institutions with a presence in the country

Management Solutions organized in its Bogota office an informative breakfast about Solvency II with teams from 20 Colombian insurance companies

Management solutions sponsored and delivered a presentation at the 12th Annual Banking Credit Risk Management Summit in Vienna (Austria), attended by representatives from major local and international financial institutions with a presence in the country