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We work with global and local telecommunications operators to help them adapt to the new digital age

The telecommunications sector is at the heart of digital transformation in society, driving technological advances as well as changes in the behavior patterns of users, who increasingly demand mobile services, immediacy and interaction, both in the personal and in the professional sphere. These circumstances combined have led to the emergence of new business models, players and services, adding increased complexity to a market that is already saturated.

The traditional operators face a new investment cycle to deploy next generation networks that are able to respond to spectacular demand growth from a variety of sources. They are also witnessing how margins from their traditional sources of income (voice and data) decrease rapidly, while new revenues generated by the "new economy" go to new entrants (the so-called over the top entrants). 

The challenges facing this industry in the coming years will require further industry concentration and simplification at all levels (regulation, organization, business, technology, etc.) to allow players to achieve the efficiency, speed and flexibility needed to adapt to the current changes and future challenges.

Our practice

Management Solutions works with agents operating in this industry by identifying new services in line with the strategy and assets of each company, designing and developing operational excellence projects and converting the information into business knowledge to obtain an optimal "time to market" in the dynamic electronic communications industry.