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The current distribution industry environment is marked by changing business models that require the review of some of the key areas of management. This sector is evolving its value proposition towards a more customer-centric approach by better managing the data available and delivering value on this data through advanced Analytics. In the quest for operational efficiency, companies are undergoing a continuous process of improvement and transformation of their organizational, operational and technological structures that will lead to increased productivity and better use of resources.

Achieving sector awareness of the need to develop sustainable business models across the ESG spectrum is proving to be a challenge in the transformation process. Moving towards emission reduction commitments (across all scopes of emissions), circular economy-based development, the search for energy efficiency or quantifying the social impact of business models are all relevant concerns on the agenda of senior management.

In addition, changes in consumer habits and customer behavior, who demand better service (based on greater speed, availability and comfort) and the way in which customers interact with new channels as a result of new technologies with the prevalence of mobile devices continue to shape the industry. This makes it necessary to have business and logistic models capable of making the most of the physical distribution model combined with current e-commerce opportunities.

Finally, the emergence of new risks such as cybersecurity, or the need to better manage existing risks such as supplier risk management or fraud, have become critical elements in this industry’s highly competitive environment.

Our practice

Our catalog of solutions adapts to all types of businesses in the retail field: distribution, textile, food sector, etc. providing innovative solutions to any new challenge that companies face: adaptation of the business strategy, transformation and efficiency including new work approaches, financial management, risk management and control or data capture and exploitation.

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