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We organize or participate in university activities, informative presentations and conferences, community support and sport events

The Firm organizes and actively participates in seminars and lectures aimed at the industries in which it operates as part of its commitment to knowledge dissemination. Additionally, Management Solutions organizes internal communication events aimed at its professionals, events related to the university, sponsorship and patronage of cultural institutions, sports competitions and social action campaigns as a fundamental part of its commitment to the environment.

Industry IndustryOrganization and participation in conferences and seminarsMore information

Sponsorship and Patronage Sponsorship and patronageManagement Solutions conducts a policy of sponsorship and patronage of associations and institutionsMore information

Social Action Social ActionSolidarity campaigns organized by the Firm's Social Action GroupMore information

University UniversityTaught classes and seminars, collaboration with university endowments, etc.
More information

Sports Club Sports ClubInternal and external sports for professionals of Management Solutions
More information

Other events Other eventsEvents organized for the professionals of Management SolutionsMore information

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