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Sports Club

We promote the involvement of our professionals in sport activities, both internal and external

The Sports Club started as part of an initiative by Management Solutions to promote and facilitate the practice of sports among its employees by organizing internal championships and sponsoring participation in outside competitions.

Internal Championships
Management Solutions frequently organizes internal championships between the professionals of the Firm. The sports chosen so far (indoor soccer, paddle tennis, basketball, volleyball, squash) are proposed by the professionals themselves, since this activity is intended for their enjoyment.

Outside competitions
The Firm promotes the participation of its professionals in outside and inter-company competitions in which Management Solutions employees play against other professional firms, either individually or in groups. Thanks to the Sports Club, a great number of Management Solutions professionals have participated in inter-company races (some of them for solidarity purposes), corporate games (like in the Olympic games, with several disciplines) or indoor soccer and 7-a-side leagues, etc.  


Sports Club News

Listado noticias

Management Solutions held its first Internal Golf Tournament at Golf Santander last Sunday, aimed at employees and their families and with 40 participating players

Management Solutions Chile’s Sports Club organized a new edition of their Mixed Soccer championship with over 40 Management Solutions professionals participating

43 professionals participated in a Corporate Run held in Madrid on December 16th

Close to 80 professionals from the Firm participated in Management Solutions’ First Seven-A-Side Soccer Marathon held at the Boadilla del Monte Financial City sports facilities in Spain

Professionals from Management Solutions Brazil participated for the ninth time in the Pão de Açúcar Marathon, the largest relay race in Latin America