New technologies

We specialize in defining and implementing the best technology for each organization, and design models of data and reporting governance

In the current state of businesses development, technology equates to “permanent revolution.”

The time it takes to analyze, select and implement any technological decision is sufficient to leave a company out of the market in terms of functionality, performance and cost.

If we add to this scenario the extreme degree of vertical and horizontal specialization each alternative involves, the growing use of artificial intelligence (AI) as an efficiency lever, and the ever more serious challenges to integrating increasingly heterogeneous architecture and system maps, we find ourselves facing one of the most difficult and risky decision-making processes in management today.

Our practice

At Management Solutions we specialize in defining, creating and implementing the technological environments best suited to the requirements and capabilities of each organization.

We specialize in support technology and management support, and assist our clients to find the most adequate solutions to enable them to efficiently manage their businesses.

Our service offering

  • IT strategy, system plans and change management.
  • Improved efficiency in IT.
  • IT Servicing.
  • Architecture definition, cloud services and platform selection.
  • Selection and installation of management software.
  • Big Data, Data Science and Information Systems.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Specialized solutions for financial markets (front/middle/back office).
  • Proprietary solutions (MIR, SIRO, Paladin, Gamma, Modelcraft, RRM).
  • Management of technological risks and cybersecurity.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI):
    • Adaptation to regulation (EU AI Act, US AI Bill of Rights, etc.).
    • AI strategy and adoption plan.
    • AI framework (governance, organization, policies and procedures, training, etc.).
    • AI infrastructure, architecture and data.
    • Development, validation and use of AI models.

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