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Ongoing training

More than 600 hours dedicated to training each professional during the first two years

Management Solutions attaches special importance to the training of its people, approximately 10% of its billings to this end. Our new consultants join the firm with a wide range of academic and work profiles. Therefore, a professional career at Management Solutions begins with a specific introduction course, the aim of which is to make sure that new hires have a solid common base of knowledge and are ready to face the new challenges and responsibilities to be assumed immediately.

Additionally, our consultants have numerous training opportunities throughout their professional career, which can amount to over 600 hours of training in the first two years . Through our training courses (official programs for each professional category and specific skill development symposiums) we provide the best opportunities for widening knowledge, combining efficiency, speed and a tailored fit to our work schedules.

While official training is extremely helpful in developing the potential of each professional, our greatest source of knowledge and learning is undoubtedly our experience from the firm's engagements. Day-to-day work at Management Solutions helps us grow as persons both on a personal and professional level, as we deal with professional challenges in a rigorous and intellectually enriching environment.

Training plan

  • Training plan tailored to each profile and level of experience.
  • Knowledge courses: on-site courses involving an evaluation test, given by Directors, Managers and Supervisors during the first few years of our professionals’ career.


Specialist external courses

Specialized courses or seminars that respond to several needs:

  • Updating knowledge.
  • Obtaining a certification.
  • Training on a specific area or project.
  • R&D.

Skills courses

Courses taught mostly by leading external providers, aimed at the position of Senior consultant or above.

Language training

Depending on the needs of our professionals at each unit, we offer language courses (English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, etc.).