Ongoing training

Comprehensive training plan covering all areas of knowledge, complemented with data science content and soft skills

Management Solutions pays special attention to the training of its professionals. Our consultants have extensive training possibilities throughout their professional career, being able to achieve more than 600 hours of training.

Through our training courses, our regulated programs for each professional category, and dedicated days to the developing of specific capacities, we provide the best possibilities to expand knowledge and enhance professional development.

We hire professionals with a wide variety of academic and work profiles. Therefore, professional life at Management Solutions begins with a specific initiation course, with the aim of ensuring a solid common and cross-cutting knowledge base to successfully meet the new challenges and responsibilities that our professionals will take on immediately.

Training plan

  • Comprehensive training plan, adapted to every profile, specialization and level of experience, with a focus on the first years of professional career.
  • Face-to-face courses taught by the Directors, Managers and Supervisors of the Firm, always respecting the protocols regarding COVID-19 and the safety and hygiene measures. The courses are supplemented with online training.


  • Global plan, ensuring the homogeneous training of all of our professionals, adapted to the particular needs of each unit (e.g. regulation).
  • Coverage of all areas necessary for the development of our practice, and complementary courses in the fields of data science and soft skills.
  • Extension of the training plan with optional specialist courses for the expanding of the knowledge on specific subjects.

External specialized courses

As a complement to the training plan, our professionals attend specialized courses and seminars in order to meet various needs:

  • Knowledge update.
  • Obtaining of professional certifications.
  • Specific training for a certain area or project.
  • R&D.

In addition, formative sessions are offered to our senior professionals, with the collaboration of top professionals from the industries we collaborate with.

Language courses

Depending on the needs of the professionals at each of the units, language courses are taught (English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Polish, etc.).

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