Career plan

We guarantee a career path in which professional development depends solely on merit

Management Solutions develops its peoples’ talents to the full and offers each of them the opportunity to discover, stretch and promote their skills within the organization by becoming part of a highly qualified team in an excellent work climate; by working on major consulting projects in the industry for the largest companies - leaders of their respective markets – taking up challenges in local and international projects side by side with the top management of these companies, with an exceptional team of professionals whose values and corporate culture are a benchmark in the industry.

We offer you the possibility of an internship alongside your studies -under work experience schemes set up jointly with the university- or after graduating, with an work contract.

At Management Solutions we have developed a career plan model based exclusively on the personal performance of each of our consultants.

At our Firm there are no limits or barriers to professional development. We have established an annual evaluation system based solely on objective criteria, which enable us to determine the performance and skills of our people in a completely transparent way.

From the time they join the Firm, all consultants embark on a professional career during which they will climb to different levels of our corporate ladder according to their merits, taking on new responsibilities and leaving their previous functions to the upcoming intake of consultants. This annual promotion system supports ongoing development and ensures all professionals can, in 13-16 years and depending on their achievements, potentially become partners in the Firm.

Mentoring program: the mentor figure

The mentoring program, targeted to every professional in the Firm up to an Experienced Senior level (included), was created with the aim of listening and guiding our professionals, while seeking to match the concerns of each of them with the Firm’s needs.

Tutoring is exercised by managers (Partners, Directors, Managers and Supervisors), and their main function is to identify the concerns of the professionals, to advise them and get the most involved in their career plan.

The mentoring program is part of our corporate policies, so it applies on a global scale, evenly across all Management Solutions units.

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