Professional roles

We are a partnership that offers each professional the chance to become a part of the Firm’s group of partners

Management Solutions offers you constant opportunities to develop your talent and show your abilities in all of the professional categories that make up the organizational structure of our firm.

We describe next the roles played by each of them. The classification shown follows an order of increasing seniority as a Consultant at our firm.

Assistant (2 years)

This category is the initial level of responsibility of consultants hired to work at our firm after finishing their university studies (or interns who have not yet completed these studies). During this initial period, which lasts two years, consultants are responsible for resolving a specific part of the engagement in which they are involved. The specific nature of their work varies depending on their profile and the project in question. However, the following common characteristics are worthy of mention: presenting and contributing to the final engagement deliverables, presenting his results to the engagement Senior, and being familiar with and gaining an "overall" insight into the problem posed by the client, as well as the solution proposed by the firm.

Senior (2 years) and Experienced Senior (2 years)

Senior consultants play an extremely active role in the performance of an engagement: they identify problems, formulate hypotheses, engage in troubleshooting, directly manage relationships with the departments of the client involved in the project, suggest solutions to problems and oversee their proper implementation. Over these four years, Seniors take on increasing responsibility which is reflected in the growing importance of the engagements they participate in. In their final years as Seniors, they will lead the firms' most important engagements. These are the years when a Senior's career path becomes sufficiently specialized to allow him or her to work exclusively in a functional and/or industry-specific knowledge area. This functional specialization is a natural result of the Senior's work in his or her first 6 years as a professional at the Firm. 

Supervisor (2 years) 

When Senior consultants are ready to step up to the next level of responsibility, they are promoted to Supervisor level. This category, which is intended to be intermediate, before becoming a Manager, is the first tier of management at the firm. Supervisors oversee day-to-day dealings with current clients and assume full responsibility for the management of teams, assignment of work and functions and resolution of complex problems.

Manager (4-6 years)

Managers are responsible for several projects at the same time for one or more clients depending on their seniority at that level. They are also in charge of broadening professional relationships with their regular clients and actively participate in internal firm decision-making. Lastly, they are responsible for perfecting and increasing the level of knowledge in the areas they are responsible for, and helping to preserve the value that sets us apart in the market in our areas of specialty. As they progress professionally, they will also become responsible for attracting new clients and extending the Firm's leading position in their areas of activity.

Director (1-2 years) 

Managers promoted to Director level must have proven ability to lead and create functional and industry specialized teams. They must also have actively contributed to knowledge development at the Firm and have proven experience in providing high level advisory services to their clients. In many cases, the functions of a Director are similar to those of a Partner since Directors assume selling and account management responsibilities. Directors are also responsible for broadening professional relationships with current and potential clients.


Access to Partner responsibility is achieved after having successfully completed all previous phases throughout which the consultant has demonstrated that he or she has worked towards, reached, and increased the standard of the Firm’s advisory services, contributing his or her abilities to the Firm’s talent equity, with a commitment to preserving Management Solutions’ founding values.

Professional roles

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