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Financial institutions

We actively participate in the transformation of the financial services industry

The financial industry is undergoing a period of significant change, which is particularly intense given the role it played as the epicenter of a crisis that has lasted nine years, and its special position in the economic measures that were taken in an attempt to leave the crisis behind.

After years marked by a deterioration of its institutional image, the need to inject public capital to sustain the balance sheets of major financial institutions, a credit crunch and reduced margins, the financial industry is facing a new reality, much more complex than it was in prior times.

Also, the financial industry has been immersed in a true regulatory tsunami characterized by a proliferation of stricter and more globalized regulations. To requirements related to credit, market, structural (exchange and interest rate) and operational risks, one must now add new requirements on strategic and business risk, conduct risk, model risk, etc., which makes the proper management of all of these risks essential to ensuring sustainability over the medium and long term.

This costly process to comply with regulations is however strengthening the balance sheets and operating processes of financial institutions. Today we have a more regulated and supervised as well as recapitalized financial system that has put the focus on revitalizing the business as well as on efficiency and risk control.
In addition, changes in society and the rapid advancement of technology are bringing about a paradigm shift in customer management. 

The industry faces the need to rethink strategy in a way that will help it to adapt its business, financial, risk, operational and technology models to the new environment (thereby improving ROE). These reasons make the financial sector one of the most complex industries in the current economic context, where contributing value to the new approaches will require solutions that can draw on expert insight.

Our practice

Management Solutions caters for the whole range of players in this market: banks, insurers, investment companies, financial institutions, etc.

Based on their in-depth knowledge of, and experience in, the industry, our professionals are more than prepared to meet any current challenge.

All our areas of specialty can be brought into play in this practice. Additionally, we have developed certain services that address industry-specific requirements. Especially noteworthy are our services in wholesale banking (Treasury, Capital Markets, Asset Management, Payment Methods, etc.), business and retail banking (distribution models, knowledge of customer, customer’s multi-channel behavior and experience, etc.), management of financial business risks (in any of its facets), optimization of equity, and regulatory compliance (Basel II, money laundering, etc.).