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Key regulations: governance

Corporate governance principles for banks
Scope: Global | Regulator: BCBS | Industry: Banking | Topic: Corporate governance | Date of publication: July, 2015
New corporate governance principles proposed by the BCBS concerning the Board, Senior Management, the three lines of defense, compensation, etc.
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Final Guidelines on internal governance
Scope: EU | Regulator: EBA | Industry: Banking | Topic: Corporate governance | Date of publication: September, 2017
This document covers the principle of proportionality; the role and composition of the management body and its committees; the governance framework; risk culture and business conduct; the internal control framework; business continuity management; and the principle of transparency.
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Code of good governance practices for listed companies
Scope: Spain | Regulator: CNMV | Industry: Stock market | Topic: Governance | Date of publication: February, 2015
Governance code of the CNMV including a set of voluntary principles and recommendations to ensure firm’s good governance. However, the Spanish Corporate Law requires listed companies to include in their annual report on Corporate Governance whether they comply with the recommendations or, where not-compliant, to justify the deviation from such recommendations.
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