Complementary activities

Committed to society and sports

Social Action

The Social Action group emerged as a result of the altruistic efforts of a number of Management Solution professionals, with the Firm’s support. The aim is to provide a response to the intense demand for welfare benefits from our professionals at MS and from society in general, by promoting various types of projects and solidarity initiatives and making them accessible to the members of the Firm who wish to participate or collaborate.

Since its creation, the professionals of Management Solutions have worked with various NGOs and charity associations on various projects. The wide variety of activities that have been carried out targeted specific, highly diverse objectives.

We recently took part in various sporting events which enabled us to raise funds for a water project in Ethiopia in one case and, in another, to help the mentally disadvantaged to integrate in society by practicing sports.

The organization of a cinema session for a common cause enabled us to collect food and toys for a Christmas campaign launched by a charity association.

The professionals of Management Solutions, through their involvement, solidarity and sense of commitment thus contribute selflessly to social actions that benefit society as a whole.

Sports club

The sports club was set up by the Firm to encourage its professionals to use their free time effectively and, at the same time, to build up rapport amongst them.

In addition to managing and harnessing leisure hours effectively, the sports club seeks to foster the Firm’s values, such as the desire to excel, team work, the attainment of common targets and objectives, personal fulfillment, dynamism, etc.

The sports club encourages the practice of all sports of interest to the Firm’s professionals, including paddle, indoor football, tennis, athletics, etc.

This is an opportunity offered by the Firm to its professionals to round off their daily activity - a leisure option that provides them with the advantage of getting to know and bond with their work colleagues in a different atmosphere.

Social benefits

The professionals at Management Solutions are offered a series of social benefits, according to every country. Among the most common ones, you can find:

  • Health insurance.
  • Accident insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Luncheon vouchers.
  • Childcare vouchers.
  • Special deals on financial institutions.
  • Sport and corporate wellness programs.
  • Corporate agreements regarding health, leisure, etc.

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