Guidelines on corporate governance principles for banks

Basel Committee on Banking Supervision

Effective corporate governance is essential for the proper functioning of the banking system and the economy as a whole. For this reason, since the financial crisis, the BCBS has been working on improving the governance framework of banks, which resulted in the publication in October 2010 of the Principles for Enhancing corporate governance. Since then, banks have shown a strengthening of their corporate governance practices.

However, in view of the ongoing developments in the field and in order to incorporate the recommendations of the FSB, the BCBS decided to undertake a review of the 2010 guidelines and published the final Corporate governance principles for banks document.
This document aims to:

  • Strengthen the Board's responsibilities relating to risk management.
  • Define the specific tasks of the Board and its committees, senior management and supervisory bodies (including the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) and the internal audit function).
  • Improve key elements of the corporate governance framework, such as risk culture, risk appetite, or regarding the ability of banks to take risks.
  • Strengthen the internal control mechanisms of banks.

The technical note prepared by Management Solutions’ R&D department summarizes the characteristics of the new framework and the main implications to be derived from its implementation.

Executive Summary

BCBS principles on corporate governance refer to the Board, senior management, group structures, lines of defense, compensation, transparency and the role of supervisors.

Scope of application

The principles proposed by the BCBS apply to banks. However, their implementation will be in line with the size, complexity, and risk profile of the bank in question.

Prior regulation

  • “Principles for enhancing corporate governance”, BCBS, October 2010.
  • “Thematic review on risk governance”, FSB, February 2013.
  • “Corporate governance principles for banks – consultative document”, BCBS, October 2014

Download the technical note by clicking here (only in Spanish).