The iDanae Chair for Big Data and Analytics, created within the framework of a collaboration between the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) and Management Solutions, has published its first quarterly newsletter on the “Interpretability of Artificial Intelligence Models“

One of the lines of work developed by the iDanae Chair (where iDanae stands for intelligence, data, analysis and strategy) is the analysis of meta-trends in the field of Analytics. To identify meta-trends, it is important to analyze public and private investment projects as well as the issues highlighted by organizations, companies and other related stakeholders. The iDanae Chair will conduct active surveillance through observing and monitoring different sources, such as the outcome of different European analytics working groups, the strategic plans of the United States Government on artificial intelligence research and development, and other relevant international analyses and publications.

For educational and information purposes, the findings of this surveillance are reflected in an updated list of themes (interpretability of models; ethical, legal and social implications of Artificial Intelligence; predictability and modellability; data augmentation and data democratization; etc.) that will be developed in quarterly reports with the aim of providing a view on specific trends or topics of interest.

The first quarterly report is entitled "Interpretability of Artificial Intelligence models" and is now available for download on the Chair's website.

Publication of the first iDanae Chair quarterly newsletter