Management Solutions sponsored one of the Best Final Year Project award categories at ICAI’s Higher School of Engineering (Comillas Pontifical University) for the 2020-21 class in which, in addition, one of the Firm's professionals was awarded a prize for his project


Organized by thematic areas, Management Solutions sponsored the prize for the area of "Artificial Intelligence integration in the management process", which was awarded to the project "Development of a tool to support the design and optimization of automatic train driving in which machine learning models are integrated", authored by Ms. Sofía Rodríguez. On the other hand, Mr. Alberto Mascareñas Brito, a Management Solutions professional, won the prize awarded by Deloitte for his work "Design and modeling of a Digital Twin system", whilst the prize sponsored by the Chair of Hydrogen Studies, of which Management Solutions is a founding member, was awarded to Ms. Marta Niño Serrano.

Mr. Miguel Ángel Poblet, partner at Management Solutions, awarded the price sponsored by the Firm during an event that was chaired by Mr. Enrique Sanz Giménez-Rico, SJ, Dean of the University, accompanied by Mr. Antonio Muñoz, Director of ICAI, and Mr. Santiago Ojeda, head of quality, organization and operational support at Empresarios Agrupados, who participated in the event as guest of honor.​


Management Solutions patrocinador de los PFC de ICAI