Management Solutions participated as a speaker in Try IT!, a conference organized by the School of Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) to share information technology industry trends

During the Conference, held virtually on this occasion, experts in different computer science fields shared with the School's students the latest trends in IT and how they are being implemented in the business world.

Under the title "The new rules of the game to come: Regulation of digital finance", Management Solutions' presentation by Mr. Jorge Monge dealt with how implementing digitalization in the world of finance is a technological challenge that has become increasingly pressing due to the global pandemic. Providing financial services such as payments, transfers, investments or financing in a digital way requires implementing the latest technology at all levels, and the new regulatory framework will set the rules of the game that must be known to participate in this transformation.​

Management Solutions participates in UPM's Try IT! 2021