Next Tuesday, November 24, will see the inaugural conference of the Social Impact Chair’s Open Classroom on Impact Economics organized by Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Open Value Foundation, Fundación Repsol and Management Solutions, with the aim of creating a space for debate and reflection on the future of investment, its contribution and measurement and associated risks

Some of the great challenges we currently face as a society are mainly socioeconomic: unemployment, loss of household purchasing power and a high percentage of the population at risk of poverty, unequal opportunities in accessing education caused by the digital divide among other factors, uncontrolled migration, etc. The positive social or environmental impact of investments and business actions must be measurable and communicated in a transparent manner. Associated risks, including reputational consequences, need to be properly managed.

The Open Classroom on Impact Economics aims to provide a space for debate and deep thinking about these issues and reflect how, in recent years, the business sector has become aware of its key role in solving these problems and has implemented policies that generate social value as well as financial results.

The first session, jointly organized by the Social Impact Chair and the Comillas Alumni office, will feature a presentation by Mr. Luis Casado Padilla, Director of Repsol Impacto Social. To virtually attend the event, which will be held on November 24 at 6:30 p.m., you need to register in advance via this link.

Inaugural conference of the Social Impact Chair’s Open Classroom on Impact Economics