The Graduation event for the 4th intake of the Management Solutions – Monterrey TEC Diploma in Business Consulting was held virtually with 40 graduating Management Solutions professionals


40 MS professionals attended the virtual academic event, streamed live due to the restrictions imposed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event was chaired by Mr. Daniel Moska Arreola, Regional Director at the Monterrey Institute of Technology - Vice-rectory for Lifelong Education; Mr. Carlos Mercadillo Rojo, Director of the Diploma in Business Consulting; Mr. Juan Carlos Rivas, Academic Coordinator for the program, and our Management Solutions partners in Mexico.

During the event, the students who had completed the 4th Diploma Course in Business Consulting were awarded their diplomas, and Mr. Alberto Sanz, on behalf of Management Solutions, and Mr. Carlos Mercadillo Rojo and Mr. Juan Carlos Rivas on behalf of Monterrey Tech, addressed the students. ​

Graduation of the 4th intake of the Diploma in Business Consulting