The Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences (RAC) has decided by unanimous agreement of the Academic Plenary meeting of January 29, 2020, to express its gratitude to Management Solutions for its committed support to the RAC’s activities, through the Academy’s Foundation

With this acknowledgement, formally transmitted by Mr. Jesús Santamaría Antonio, General Secretary of the RAC, the institution recognizes Management Solutions’ sensitivity in its support towards increased scientific work and the dissemination of Science.

Also, as a central component of its patronage activity, Management Solutions collaborates with the RAC  and its Foundation since 2016 through active sponsorship that includes a number of activities in addition to financial support:

  • Participating in Science outreach actions and events.
  • Contributing to the RAC think tank to promote initiatives for the advancement and dissemination of science.
  • Pro-bono support to the RAC through our R&D function.
  • Working with RAC’s Mathematics Area to research the most advanced mathematical algorithms and models for risk management.

In addition, Management Solutions is a patron of the Friends of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Spain Association (ARAC) as a sign of its commitment to the academic world and to research in general, particularly with regard to the dissemination and transformation of scientific knowledge.


Royal Academy of Sciences recognition of Management Solutions support