Solidarity Summer 2015

Management Solutions professionals who participated in the Solidarity Summer 2015 presented the work carried out last August in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (Ecuador)

As every year, Management Solutions professionals who participated in the Solidarity Summer 2015 presented the volunteering activities they undertook last August.

This time, 30 volunteers from our offices in Argentina, Chile, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Portugal and United Kingdom, organized into two groups due to the initiative's success among the Firm's professionals, travelled to Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas in Ecuador, ready to collaborate with "Chicos de la Calle" (Street Boys), a project launched by the Salesian community together with Ayuda en Acción with the aim of collaborating towards the education of children and teenagers from underprivileged families in order to refrain them from working in the streets at an early age and thus prevent social exclusion. This project, which currently helps more than 300 families in Santo Domingo (a town with almost half a million inhabitants), has several resource centers from which to school and tutor children, and in which Management Solutions professionals performed their volunteering activities.

In the presentation, the volunteers described the main activities carried out in the centers. These activities became their daily life during the three weeks the Solidarity Summer project lasted. The volunteers taught the children (aged between 6 and 14), provided extra support on school subjects and helped them with their homework. They also had time to become involved in more entertaining aspects such as organizing games, sports tournaments and other leasure activities. The volunteers, accompanied by Ayuda en Acción educators, also visited the children's families in their own houses, which gave them the chance to gain a better picture of the country's reality and to receive the parents' gratitude for their committed work with their children.

As in previous occasions, the volunteers highlighted the enriching nature of the Solidarity Summer, an initiative that contributed to their personal growth by helping others.

Solidarity Summer 2015