Solidarity Christmas 2015

More than 500 Management Solutions professionals had the opportunity to bring hope to those most at a disadvantage in society through the "Christmas Solidarity" project, which was organized for the eighth consecutive year and featured various initiatives in Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Chile and Argentina

In Spain, the "True Magi" campaign was organized to raise gifts for children in shelters in several Spanish cities who would otherwise not have received any gifts on Three Kings Day. The campaign was once again a great success and, thanks to the participation of 200 Management Solutions professionals from Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, it became possible for disadvantaged children in these centers to receive the gifts they had previously asked for in a letter to "their" individual Magi. In addition, some Management Solutions professionals participated in the "Christmas Posada" organized by "Soñar despierto", the organization that received the gifts in Madrid. A party during which volunteers had the opportunity to organize many activities and surprises for the children, in addition to handing the gifts to them.

In the UK,  Management Solutions professionals collaborated with the "Christmas Toy Appeal" campaign,  an initiative organized by Community Links to collect toys for underprivileged children. Community Links is an organization that works in East London’s most deprived areas to facilitate access to education, skills development, employment opportunities and social integration for those at greatest disadvantage.

In Germany, the participation of a group of professionals in the "Nikolaus for refugee children" campaign, organized by Management Solutions in collaboration with Caritas Frankfurt, made it possible to collect gifts for a group of 25 refugee children.

In Portugal, Management Solutions professionals collaborated with twenty children aged between 7 and 10 who had either been admitted to or were regular outpatients  at the​​ Mental Health Unit at Dona Estefania Children's Hospital. By becoming involved, our professionals made it possible for these children from poor families to receive a gift on Christmas Day.

In the United States, our professionals once again participated in the "Letters to Santa" campaign, aimed at collecting gifts for disadvantaged children who had previously had requested them in a letter to Santa Claus.

In Colombia, Management Solutions professionals shared a special morning with 20 children cared for by Funstall Foundation’s children’s home, which welcomes children with various diseases and disabilities and provides them with food and nursing care. Social Action volunteers organized a small party during which children enjoyed the kids’ entertainment and received some toiletries requested by the Foundation. 
Management Solutions professionals in Brazil participated in the Padrinho de Natal campaign at the Odila Franco orphanage in Sao Paulo. The 21 children in the orphanage received a book and a panettone directly from their sponsor. The donations from our professionals also went towards organizing a party with the children during which the 100 books donated were used to open up a new library in the center.

In Peru, the Social Action group organized a Christmas Hot Chocolate Party for 75 children cared for by the Santa Martha Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides homes and education for children that have been abandoned or are at risk. The contributions of our professionals made it possible to organize this party which was full of games and surprises and during which the children also received gifts from the volunteers.

In Chile, the Viejito Pascuero campaign was organized once again in collaboration with the Tai Tai kindergarten (a center which cares for some 52 children aged between 3 and 5  in the Estacion Central district) with the aim of raising a gift for each child in the center. Thanks to the participation of all professionals in our Chile office, each child received a gift directly from Father Christmas at a party the volunteers organized in the center. The donations also went towards buying a TV for the center’s daily activities.

In Argentina, professionals collaborated with the Esteban L. Maradona Home, which houses family of hospital patients while they receive treatment. On this occasion,  the 22 children in the home (aged between 18 months and 9 years) received a Christmas gift thanks to the involvement of Social Action volunteers who organized a small party at the Home with games and songs, and provided the Center with drawing materials for the children.