The Management Solutions Colombia Social Action Group collaborated for the first time with the Catalina Muñoz Foundation’s "Building Dreams" project, a program that seeks to serve vulnerable communities nationwide through building prefabricated housing modules

About 20 professionals from the Firm participated in this initiative, consisting of setting up a prefabricated house for a family without resources, during a hard day's work that ended with the team delivering a house to the family that would live in it.

The Catalina Muñoz Foundation is a non-profit organization that joins forces and pools resources to change the reality of families in extreme poverty, essentially in terms of housing solutions. The "Building Dreams" program is aimed at families for whom housing is a priority (families living in homes built with recycled materials, not appropriate for construction; low-income families that cannot rent or buy a suitable home; or cases where several family units cohabit in the same space).

Social Action: Building Dreams