Following the interest shown in the successful campaign organized by our Brazil Social Action Group to help people in vulnerable situations due to the COVID-19 crisis, the campaign will now be organized in all MS offices

Some 60 professionals from our São Paulo office participated in the “Multiply your help against COVID-19 x2” campaign aimed at raising funds to buy non-perishable food for the São Paulo Food Bank, which supplies food to 42 social institutions and families in need. For its part, Management Solutions contributed the same amount donated by professionals, thus doubling the donation to the Bank, which received in excess of R$ 8,000 which became 1.673kg of non-perishable food.

The São Paulo Food Bank focuses efforts on reducing food waste to combat hunger, as well as on nutrition education programs and campaigns to put unused food to good use by distributing it where it is most needed.

Given the success of this initiative and the interest it has aroused among Management Solutions professionals, the campaign has now been extended to all offices, where, under the same formula, professionals may make donations to food banks in their city ​​while the Firm will make an equivalent contribution.

"Multiply your help against COVID-19 x2" solidarity campaign in Brazil