Nearly 100 Management Solutions professionals participated in the Madrid and Bilbao editions of the charity race "Run for a cause, run for refugee children", organized by the Entreculturas and Alboan foundations, in which Elena García Márquez took 2nd place in the 10K race held in Madrid


More than 80 of the Firm's professionals participated in Madrid in the solidarity race "Run for a cause, run for refugee children", which took place in the Casa de Campo and was attended by more than 2,000 people. Management Solutions' representation had an outstanding performance, with Elena García Márquez taking second place in the 10 km race. In addition, a group of Management Solutions professionals participated last week in the Bilbao race, which was held for the first time and attracted close to 500 people.

"Run for a cause" is a charity race organized by Entreculturas and Alboan, two Jesuit foundations that support education as a tool for development, transformation and dialogue between cultures, and that acknowledged Management Solutions for its involvement on yet another occasion. The race, which will be held in more than ten Spanish cities this year (with Management Solutions being represented also at the La Coruña and Barcelona events), aims to raise funds to support the right to education for children living as refugees and in forced displacement.


Management Solutions participa en “Corre por una causa, corre por la infancia refugiada”