Management Solutions professionals from different offices have recently participated in initiatives aimed at supporting Down Syndrome groups as part of World Down Syndrome Day


On the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, the Management Solutions Social Action Group has launched various initiatives over a number of weeks to support this community.

Initiatives included awareness campaigns through social networks such as the viral mismatched socks challenge (in which the Firm's professionals shared their photos of mismatched socks to help raise awareness and give visibility to these groups), volunteering with Down syndrome groups (such as the joint cleaning of a stretch of the Manzanares River in Spain and virtual sessions in France, Mexico and Colombia during which volunteers were able to share time with people with Down syndrome), or challenges in which for each of our professionals completing a specific challenge (21,000 steps in a week in the United Kingdom, or 21 soccer ball touches, ball bounces, ball hits with a racket, etc. in Brazil, Chile and the United States) the Firm will make a financial donation to the foundation supporting the Down syndrome community in that country.

This campaign joins the list of support activities (volunteering, sponsorships, collaboration agreements, etc.) in which Management Solutions has worked together with different Foundations to support groups with Down Syndrome ever since its inception.