More than 20 professionals from Management Solutions participated in the Green Race organized by Fundación Natura, Grupo Argos and Banco de Bogotá

A group of Management Solutions professionals met at the Simón Bolívar Park in Bogota for the fifth time to participate in the Green Race initiative organized by Natura Foundation - a civil society organization dedicated to the preservation, use and management of biodiversity to generate social, economic and environmental benefits, together with Fundación Grupo Argos - an organization focused on the preservation, restoration, sustainable use and protection of biodiversity as part of a wider environmental conservation purpose and Banco de Bogotá. Under the slogan "You are one with nature" the race aimed to renew local woods, as three native trees will be planted for each runner registered in the race, and to raise awareness of the need to restore local forests and respect the environment.

Thanks to the participation of 6,000 runners, it will be possible to plant 18,000 native trees that will grow in Fundación Natura reserves.

Management Solutions participates in Bogota’s Green Race 2020