Rosario Poblet’s drawing was the winner of the Management Solutions 2020 Christmas Card Competition, the proceeds from which will go to the "Resilient Digital Schools" solidarity project organized by Ayuda en Acción


For the 14th year running, Management Solutions' Christmas cards were made in collaboration with an NGO, on this occasion Ayuda en Acción, with all proceeds from this project going to the “Resilient digital schools” campaign that the NGO Ayuda en Acción has launched with the aim of supporting and preparing schools so that they are able to face crises such as COVID-19 and ensure their students’ right to quality, inclusive and equal opportunities education.

To choose the card's design, a now traditional competition was organized in which more than 200 young participants (the children, nephews and nieces as well as brothers and sisters of Management Solutions professionals) showed their artistic skills. The winning entry was produced by Rosario Poblet.

Management Solutions' Christmas card