Thanks to the generous contribution of Management Solutions' professionals and the Firm's contribution to the campaign in support of Ukrainian refugees, we have managed to raise €70,000, which will be donated to two Polish NGOs that are facing this humanitarian emergency


The campaign "Double your support for the Ukrainians " launched by Management Solutions, through its Social Action Group, in collaboration with Caritas and Polish Humanitarian Action with the aim of helping refugees and other people affected by the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine, has been able to raise €70,000 in donations (€35,000 donated by professionals and an additional €35,000 donated by the Firm).​

We are grateful for the generosity of all professionals who have participated in this campaign, organized as a sign of our strong commitment to the communities in which we carry out our activity, in addition to the many actions that many professionals in Poland and other European offices are carrying out individually.


The campaign "Double your support for the Ukrainians" successfully concludes