Yearly Meeting 2016: Building the digital era

Management Solutions’ Yearly Meeting 2016 was held on July 16 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid with the presence of over a thousand professionals from all of the Firm’s units and the participation, as guest speakers, of leaders from some big entities

The event, whose theme was "Building the digital era" (referring to the digital revolution in which we are currently immersed), reviewed the Firm's achievements in Fiscal Year 16 as well as the challenges for Fiscal Year 17 grouped according to our six strategic areas of management: diversification, profitable growth, R&D and innovation, human resources management, communication and organizational flexibility.

The event also featured top representatives from big entities as guest speakers:

  • Mr. Jaime Pérez Renovales, General Secretary and Secretary of the Board – Head of Human Resources at Grupo Santander.
  • Mr. José María Roldán, Chairman of AEB and Vicepresident of EBF.
Management Solutions - Yearly Meeting 2016: Building the digital era