Following the establishment of Management Solutions Austria, the new Vienna office, strategically located in the Belvedere district, at the heart of the city's financial center, will be available to all of the Firm's professionals as of Monday, July 1

The Firm's recurring engagements with the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, the World Bank, and Austria's leading banks have necessitated a permanent operational base in the country.

Situated at Gertrude-Fröhlich-Sandner-Strasse 2, the new office will be instrumental in supporting the Firm's ongoing operations in Austria. Additionally, it will serve as a support hub for clients of other European offices operating in the region, as well as for global organizations that channel their presence in Central and Eastern European countries through Austria.

The inauguration of this new office, complementing our existing locations in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and Zurich, completes the Firm's presence in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland).​