In collaboration with Management Solutions, the Risk Management Club of Spain is organizing a round table with a panel of experts to address the implications of ESG risks for risk management by financial institutions, to be held on June 28th


The round table, organized by the Risk Management Club of Spain (CGRE) in collaboration with Management Solutions, will feature the participation of María Nalda (Bank of Spain, ESG risk expert within the Financial Risks area), Maricel Saumell (Global Head of Product Development for Private Debt Mobilisation at Santander Group), Ricardo Laiseca (Head of Sustainability at BBVA Group), Stefan Rodia (Head of ESG/ Environmental, Social & Governance Risks at CaixaBank), and Soledad Díaz-Noriega (Partner at Management Solutions, in charge of the Sustainability area). The panel will be presented by Juan Carlos Estepa (President of the CGRE), and moderated by Manuel Ángel Guzmán (Partner at Management Solutions).

The event that will be starting at 18:00 hours, and will last approximately one hour and a half. After a brief presentation on the implications of ESG risks for risk management at financial institutions, by Soledad Díaz-Noriega, the panel members, coordinated by the moderator, will discuss the topics presented, accepting questions from the public.

For more information about the event and to register, please visit the event’s microsite.

Mesa Redonda: Los riesgos ESG y los retos para el sector financiero