The Digital Transformation Group of Círculo de Empresarios hosted a panel discussion moderated by Management Solutions in which experts from different fields presented case studies featuring the use of artificial intelligence in areas such as finance, virology, industry and energy


The discussion panel, organized by the Digital Transformation Group of the Círculo de Empresarios, chaired by Mr. Alfonso Serrano-Suñer, President of Management Solutions, was moderated by Ms. Ana Díaz Tuya, Management Solutions partner for the digital transformation area, and featured panelists such as Mr. Joan Vidal, Director of Risk Analytics at CaixaBank; Mr. Esteban Domingo, virologist and "ad honorem" professor for the Spanish National Research Council at the "Severo Ochoa" Center for Molecular Biology (UAM); Mr. Álvaro López López, research professor at the Technology Research Institute, Universidad Pontificia Comillas-ICAI; and Mr. José Ramón Fernández, IT Project Manager at Endesa, all of whom presented case studies on the use of artificial intelligence in different areas (finance, virology, industry, energy).


Aplicaciones prácticas de la IA en los procesos de la empresa