David Coca, partner at Management Solutions, will participate as a guest speaker at a new edition of the Open Classroom on Impact Economics – the meeting and discussion forum of the Social Impact Chair jointly launched by Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Open Value Foundation, Repsol Foundation and Management Solutions – that will take place on April 21st on the subject of the NextGen funds


The European Recovery Fund, also known as NextGeneration EU, is a temporary instrument designed by the EU to help repair the immediate economic and social damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic in Europe. With a total of EUR 750,000 MM in grants, it is the largest assets package ever financed through the EU budget to rebuild a greener, digital, post-COVID-19 Europe that is better adapted to current and future challenges.

The potential of these funds for social transformation and for the generation of more inclusive, resilient and egalitarian societies is an issue of great interest to companies, NGOs, universities, and any other organizations with a commitment for Social Impact generation. On the other hand, the problem of how to measure the impact generated by these funds and their comparability is still an open and unresolved debate. For this reason, the Social Impact Chair, together with SPAIN NAB, Foro Impacto & ES| IMPACT, and the Comillas Alumni Office, are hosting an Open Classroom moderated by Mr. Bernardo García (ES| IMPACT), featuring the participation of Mr. Román García (European Commission), Ms. Laura Blanco (SpainNAB) and Mr. David Coca (Management Solutions).

Prior registration is required to attend this virtual event, which will take place on Thursday, April 21st at 7 p.m(Central European Time - GMT+01:00).

NextGen funds. The relevance of measuring their social impact