Management Solutions participated as a speaker at the ''ESG Beyond the Acronym - Building a Sustainable Market'' event organized by ACREFI (Brazil´s National Association of Credit, Financing and Investment Institutions)

The event, attended by the heads of Brazil´s main Baking Institutions, covered several important sustainability issues such as: the importance of sustainable business models that are in line with the objectives of the Paris Agreement and that respect the social challenges of each country; the integration of sustainability risks into the risk management model and its relevance for the solvency of banks; and the importance of governance in companies.

Management Solutions' presentation, given by Sandra Martins, partner at Management Solutions, provided an analysis on Climate Risk Management, including the need for insurance companies to integrate it into the Traditional Risk Framework, on which subject Management Solutions has substantial expertise due to its work on  prominent projects.

Management Solutions participa en el evento celebrado por ACREFI, presentando la "Gestión del Riesgo Climático"