Management Solutions has strengthened its collaboration with FEBRABAN (Brazilian Federation of Banks) by participating in two conferences on money laundering and terrorist financing prevention and on risk management, both held in São Paulo

Management Solutions sponsored the thirteenth edition of FEBRABAN´s two international conferences, one on money laundering and terrorist financing and the other on risk management (G-RISC). Attendees – representatives of regulators and local and international financial institutions present in the country – were able to learn first-hand about the Firm's capabilities in key aspects for the industry such as credit risk management, market risk management, ESG and the application of artificial intelligence techniques.

In addition, during the International Risk Congress (G-RISC), Mariano Ruiz, a partner at Management Solutions, gave a presentation entitled "IFRS 9 Expected Loss Modelling" to the more than 500 attendees.

Management Solutions refuerza su colaboración con Febraban