Management Solutions participated as a sponsor in the Insurance sector event organized by the Federation of Colombian Insurers (Fasecolda), which was attended by representatives across the Colombian insurance sector

The event was attended by different guest speakers and insurance sector experts such as Miguel Gómez Martínez (President of Fasecolda), Leonardo Villar (Governor of Banco de la República), Jorge Castaño Gutiérrez (Superintendent of Colombia's Financial Superintendency), José Manuel Restrepo (Minister of Finance and Public Credit), Felipe Lega (Director of the Financial Regulation Unit), as well as the President of the Republic of Colombia, Iván Duque, who opened the event.

Some of the topics addressed during the three-day convention were the role of the private sector in reactivating the economy, the social development model and the international experience, the sustainability of the insurance industry in the face of future challenges, climate change and the fifth industrial revolution, as well as aspects related to supervision and regulation.


Management Solutions participates in the 2021 Fasecolda International Insurance Convention