The Bank of Spain and Management Solutions will be holding a webinar with the aim of presenting the content of Law 7/2020 on Digital Transformation of the financial system and the Regulatory Sandbox, taking place on July 7th


The rate at which projects bringing technological innovation to the financial system are growing is high, so bodies in the EU have begun to think about the aspects to be considered in the evolution towards a regulatory framework that promotes innovation and stability in the financial system. Specifically, in Spain, Law 7/2020 on the Digital Transformation of the Financial System will be releasen in November 2020, focusing on two main aspects: 1) Creating new channels of communication with the competent Authorities through new direct channels, and 2) Regulating the controlled testing space or Regulatory Sandbox.

During this webinar, experts from the Innovation team of the Bank of Spain and Management Solutions will deepen into the main lines of said Law and the implementation of the Regulatory Sandbox. They will also evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of submitting a project to the Regulatory Sanbox, and review the main admission criteria in the controlled testing space, as well as the implications for fintech project promoters. Questions from attendees will be accepted.

This is a free event requiring early registration.


Digital Transformation of the financial sistema and Regulatory Sandbox